Going Paperless

As I was searching online for a solution to help organize client documents, I stumbled upon something that seems a little wonderful. I found an app called FileThis that helps people go paperless. They even have a free solution! As an accountant, this app will allow me to streamline the process my clients go through to retrieve the documents I need in order to complete bookkeeping and income tax projects. Coupled with my client portal, I think I am on to something here!

FileThis fetches financial statements, bills, healthcare EOBs, and other documents from banks, insurance policies, retirement funds, credit card and utility companies, just to mention a few. Your documents are automatically uploaded to the cloud storage provider of your choice, including to FileThis cloud storage or directly to your personal PC. A basic non business membership will allow you to connect up to six service providers to the app. The app allows you to link your account to the following cloud storage providers:

  • FileThis Cloud
  • Evernote
  • SmartVault
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Google Drive
  • Personal
  • AboutOne
  • Box
  • Your Personal Computer

FileThis will check for new documents and automatically upload them once a week with their Forever Free plan and daily with their Ultimate plan. The Ultimate plan will cost you $5 a month.

I like this product and see how it can easily be used to gather documents to give to your accountant, to collect documents for tax time, or simply to help manage your documents relating to your personal finances. Check out the plans below and why not try it out. It won’t cost a thing.

FOREVER FREE Premium Ultimate
Free $2 Per Month $5 Per Month
Runs once a week Runs once a week Runs daily
500MB of Storage on FileThis Cloud 1GB of Storage on FileThis Cloud 10 GB of Storage on FileThis Cloud

Oh, and by the way, you have the option of simply storing the files with the cloud storage providers mentioned above and bypassing the file storage limits. As for the pro accounts, I can’t say that I can personally justify the costs ($49 – $499 per month) associated with the product for small businesses like mine. Nevertheless, did I mention that the basic plan is free?

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