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KES Design Group uses SecureFilePro™ to transfer files securely between our office and your computer. SecureFilePro is a service of Drake Software, a top-tier provider of professional tax preparation software.

KES Design Group's client portal provides you with a secure way to exchange confidential tax and financial documents safely, securely, and conveniently. You can send and receive documents anytime and anywhere. Your files are always protected by tough, industry-standard security measures. All transmissions are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption and files are encrypted at rest on the server.

KES Design Group's client portal offers you a smart and responsible way to share and transfer your confidential tax and financial documents. Security, reliability, and privacy are built in, which cannot be said for sending documents openly by fax and e-mail.


For new clients we will begin the registration process before your first appointment. If you are an existing client without a portal account, please contact us to initiate the registration process.

How to Use SecureFilePro™

Client Log In Instructions:

You will receive an email once a SecureFilePro™ portal has been created for you. The email will provide you with detailed instructions as to how you log into the portal and set your password. The link in the email is good for 48 hours, if you do not activate your account within the 48 hours you will need to call your preparer and ask them to reset your password.

Steps for logging on to the Portal for the first time.

  1. Make sure you have internet access.
  2. Click the link within the email notification you received. The link should be in blue underlined text and start with https://...
  3. A screen will appear titled "Enter Your New Password". Note the password requirements below.
  4. Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  5. Enter a password
  6. Renter your password in the Confirm password field.
  7. Click Submit

  • The Sign In screen will appear, with your user name displayed
  • Enter the password you just created
  • Click Sign In

  • When you have successfully created a password and logged on for the first time, you will receive an email advising you that your portal set up is complete. In the email the link to the portal is included for future reference.

    Client Home

    After you login you will be on the Client Home screen of your portal. The panel to the left of the screen is the Navigation Menu. It has two sections which are My Folder and Public.

    The My Folder section is used to exchange documents between yourself and the preparer, the Public section is an area that your preparer may use to publish information to all of their clients. Within the My Folder section there are two folders, they are Documents from Preparer and Documents to Preparer.

    Download Preparer Documents

    When your preparer puts documents in your portal for your review you will receive an email notification. There is a link to your portal in the body of the email. The email also includes instructions that will take you through the steps to access and download the documents from the preparer as well as instructions to upload documents to send to your preparer.

    Steps to Download documents from your preparer

    1. Log into your portal via the link in the email notification
    2. Click on the Documents from Preparer folder located in the My Folder

    Section of the Navigation menu.

    3. All documents from your preparer are listed in the main window.

    4. Each document will display the date and time the preparer added it to your portal. It will also show the expiration date and the last time the document was downloaded.

    6 | P a g e

    5. You can download one, multiple, or all files at one time.
    a. To download the folder:
    o Under Folder Actions, select Download Folder.

    o The program preparers a ZIP file.

    o Click Download and follow your browser's download
    processes. This will download all documents and subfolders
    in the Documents from Preparer folder.
    b. For All files:
    o Click the checkbox for Batch.
    o Click Download link given as a Batch option.

    o The program preparers a ZIP file.

    o Click Download and follow your browser's download
    c. For Multiple files:

    o Click the checkboxes of the files you wish to download.

    o Click Download link on the toolbar located beside the Batch
    check box.

    o The program preparers a ZIP file.

    o Click Download and follow your browser's download


    SecureFilePro™ - Client Information

    d. For a Single file:
    o Click the check box by the document you wish to download, then click the Download link located on the same line as the

    document you have checked then follow your browser's download processes.

    NOTE: If you cannot download the file, check your browser settings to ensure that downloads are allowed.

    Upload Documents for Preparer:

    The portal provides a convenient way to send your preparer documents. When you upload a document an email notification is sent to your preparer advising them that there are documents in their folder.

    Steps to Upload documents to your preparer

    1. Log into your portal.

    7 | P a g e

    2. Click on the Documents to Preparer folder located in the My Folder

    Section of the Navigation menu.

    3. Click the Upload button.

    4. A File Upload popup will appear; Click the Select button, a browser will open; migrate to where the files that you wish to upload are stored.

    SecureFilePro™ - Client Information

    5. Select files you wish to upload and click Open.

    6. Files selected will be displayed; you can cancel an individual document or the entire batch of documents that are selected for upload.
    7. Continue to Select Files for upload as needed or proceed to step 8.
    8. When the files are selected, click Upload to upload the files to the Preparer's Folder. When the Upload button is selected the process will begin. A green dot beside the file name indicates the file is copied and ready for upload, you do have the option of removing that file.
    9. A status bar will appear to show the progress of the files being uploaded.
    10. When the upload is complete the files selected will be displayed.

    File Upload

    Select files(s) then click Upload

    Max.individual file size 500Mb

    Testl- org w trad.pdf

    Testl - Org.pdf Remove


    Testl- original.pdf

    Testl - Pop w trade.pdf Ca ncel

    Testl- Pop.pdf C ancel

    Test2 - org w trade.pdf C ancel

    Test2- Origina l.pdf Ca ncel

    Select 7

    6.7 MB total selected files

    Uploaded 100.3% (0.9MB ) Total 0.9MB

    Uploaded files: 28.6% (2) Tota l files: 7


    Uploa ding file: Testl - Org.pdf

    Elapsed time: 00:00:26s Estimated time: 00:03:08s Speed: 35.7kB/s

    Adding, Deleting and Renaming Folders

    You have the ability to add subfolders to the Documents to Preparer folder. The folders you add can be renamed or deleted. To add, delete or rename a folder click on the Documents to Preparer folder on Navigation menu, at that time the Folder Actions is available.

    Add a folder

    1. Click on the Documents to Preparer folder
    2. Click Folder Actions and
    3. Select New folder from the drop down.

    10 | P a g e

    SecureFilePro™ - Client Information

    11 | P a g e

    4. A popup appears; enter the new folder name and click Create New Folder

    5. The subfolder you created is now available in your Documents to Preparer folder.

    All functions in the Folder Actions drop down are available for use.

    SecureFilePro™ - Client Information

    Rename Folder

    12 | P a g e

    1. Click on the Documents to Preparer folder
    2. Click on the folder you wish to rename

    3. Hover over Folder Actions and click on Rename Folder from the drop down.
    4. A window will appear, enter the replacement name of the folder and click the

    Rename Folder button

    5. The renamed file will now appear in the Documents to Preparer folder.

    SecureFilePro™ - Client Information

    Delete Folder

    1. From the Documents to Preparer folder in the Navigation menu, open the folder you wish to delete.
    2. Hover over Folder Actions and
    3. Select Delete Folder from the drop down.
    4. A warning window will appear, if you are sure you want to delete the folder Click the Delete button.

    Warning: Deleted Folders and any Files in those Folders cannot be recovered

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