does About KES Design Group


  • Kelli Owens Accountant & QuickBooks ProAdvisor
  • Mission

    KES Design Group's mission is to cultivate and enkindle success.

  • Vision

    KES Design Group will be the standard of excellence in innovation, business development and mentoring.

Who we are and where we're going

KES Design Group is the brainchild of Kelli Owens, Accountant and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. KES Design Group was created in response to requests of services by others from anything from drafting, computer repair, tax preparation, marketing strategy development and implementation, to designing business tools that facilitate financial analysis or marketing development and web design, among many other services. KES Design Group was born out of the ideal that solutions are not always apparent and business owners don't always have the time to develop and execute solutions even when those solutions are clear.

KES Design Group has been in the business of designing solutions since 1994. Kelli has a passion for innovation, excellence, and business, coupled with a devotion to life-long learning, which continues to transcend her into the business world and expand her knowledge of business strategy and trends.

We look forward to our partnership with you.

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